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Smart Cabinet

REACH’s Smart Cabinet Solution Service includes:

Comprehensive Assessment & Scalability Planning

Customized Design Optimizing Power and Cooling

Network Infrastructure Planning, Structured Cabling and Cable Management

Seamless System Integration and Configuration

Monitoring, Managagement and Security measures implementation

Training, Support and Ongoing Maintenance

Smart Cabinet

Smart cabinets, also known as All-In-One Racks or Micro Data Centers, offer several advantages over traditional data centers for small server rooms. Here are some reasons why smart cabinets come into play as a viable alternative:

Space Efficiency

Smart cabinets integrate various data center components into a compact form factor, eliminating the need for separate racks and reducing the server room's footprint.

Simplified Deployment

Pre-configured and pre-wired, smart cabinets are quick and easy to deploy, making them ideal for small server rooms with limited resources and expertise.


Smart cabinets allow for seamless expansion by adding additional cabinets as needed, accommodating the growth of a small server room without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

Enhanced Management and Monitoring

Built-in management and monitoring capabilities provide centralized control and visibility over the infrastructure, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring smooth operation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Smart cabinets are designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating advanced cooling mechanisms to minimize power consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.


Smart cabinets eliminate the need for separate infrastructure components, reducing upfront capital expenditure, operational costs, and maintenance efforts.

Physical Security

Smart cabinets offer enhanced physical security with robust locking mechanisms and access control systems, protecting sensitive data and critical infrastructure from unauthorized access.


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