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02. Structure Cabling and Fiber Backbone

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling systems that will support multiple hardware uses systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. We deliver robust structured cabling systems that are equipped to accommodate a multitude of applications including voice, data, video, security, and etc.

From the walk through to cable design and installation, we ensure your entire project is completed with minimal interruption, utilising best practices, delivered on time, and within budget.

Thank to the mobile internet trends and the new era of IoT, almost every thing transmitted through network. Data, voice, image, video, application over the LAN, MAN, WAN. a well-designed, well-implemented, and well-maintained network system is even more essential than ever for an organisation to achieve successful business.

With the team of professionals, Reach Tech takes the role in designing, integrating and managing complex communications networks from core to access, from wired to wireless and from traditional to cloud computing.


REACH’s solultion in Wired and WirelessNetwork covers

> Comprehensive Network Architecture Design & Enhancement

> Switches, Routers,

> Wireless LAN (Wi-fi) and Controllers

> Security Appliances

Wired and Wireless Network
Telephony Solution

The once separate worlds of data and telephony have collided. IP based telephony is invading commercials everywhere. What Reach Technology designed to our clients is not just something enables a dial tone, but is telephony with unified communications, mobility, and even video. What we offer to our clients is an all-in-one, scalable, easy-managed telephony solutions based of their needs.


REACH’s solution in Voice covers

> IP-Telephony

> Voice Logging System

> Auto Attendance and IVRS

> Call Center System

Digital & Video surveillance (CCTV/DVR) plays a significant role in overall security systems. With real time monitoring of your office or particular areas, potential intrusion can be detected or reported before they happen; allowing you to take a preventive or proactive approach to your security operations.

No matter if you required to use a hybrid analogue plus IP or a pure IP system, we can tailor a durable and expandable solution to cope with your business needs.


REACH’s solution in Digital & Video Surveillance includes

> 4 to 64 Channels Digital Surveillance System

> High Resolution IP Camera (Support 4K Resolution)

> PTZ Controllable Camera

> Outdoor Camera with Housing and Bracket

> Support PC software and Brower remote monitoring

> Support iOS /Android APP remote monitoring

Digital & Video surveillance
Access Control

Reach design and implement access control solutions that fits office facilities and restricted areas like data center. Advanced technologies bring you the functionality you need with expandability for the future.


With multiple combination of use of means of access, cards, finger-prints and facial recognition; organisations not only can monitor attendance but only ensure the highest level of security for special areas. No worries for multiple offices! We can tie them together to ease and automate the overall management.


REACH’s solution in Access Control covers

> Two or more factor authentications

> Card identification

> Password identification

> Fingerprint identification

> Facial identifcation

Conference Room is a place putting together multimedia presentation technology, video and audio conferencing systems, interactive communication products and centralised integrated management systems. Reach Technology as a leading IT & AV system integrator offers a wide range of different audiovisual solutions based on your need. With our field engineer’s extensive knowledge in not only AV, but also network and IP, overall project is simplified and project life cycle are well shortened.


REACH’s solution in Audiovisual & Conferencing covers

> Video Conferencing System

> Telepresence

> Conference Room Centralised Control System

> Interactive Presentation Tools

Audiovisual & Conference Room
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