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01. Data center design and build

Data Center is like a brain to a business deserving and demanding top-level attention and tremendous resources from time to time. All the components contained inside a Data Center are all critical facilities; Backup Power, Ventilating & Air Conditioning, Fire Suppression, Environmental Monitoring, Access Controls, and eventually the most crucial and delicate elements were those server data.


While most businesses may not have adequate staffing level in IT, human resources will be way overextended when coming across a need in Data Center Expansion, New-build or Refurbishment. In Reach Technology, you are able to focus your efforts in daily operation duties and rely the design/build process to our very specialised expertise in the market for decades.


REACH’s solution in Data Center Design/build includes

>Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

>Power Distribution System

>Computer Room Air Conditioning System

>Fire Extinguishing System

>Builder Works (Fire Rated Wall and Door)

>Raised Floor System

>Environmental Monitoring System

>IP-KVM and iPDU

>Enclosed Rack and Open Rack

>Hot/Cold Containment Solution

Design / Build

Cooling System is a vital part of a data center. How well the cooling capacity you estimated and how accurate the resources you request from your building ensure the uptime of your data center, endurance of server data, and durableness of the business being supported.

Old school approaches are out-of-date, data center nowadays needs cooling approach with containment. This ensure servers take in only cold air; together with other accessories like blank panels, grommets, maintain uptime, provide flexibility to cope with sudden changes in cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption as a whole.


REACH Technology provides:

Computer Room Air Conditioning System (CRAC)
>Air Cooled Type
>Chilled Water Type
>Water Cooled Type
>Hybrid Type
>InRow / In-Line Type


General Air Conditioning System
>Wall-mount Type
>Ceiling-mount Type (Cassette or Duct Type)
>Fan-Coil System


Other Cooling System
>Variable Refrigerant Volume System (VRV)
>Chilled-Water Plant System

Cooling & Containment
Power, UPS & PDU

Electricity is an invisible hero but the most critical element in running a data center. It ensures uninterrupted power for numerous servers and devices. It cleans out power sags, surges, spikes and noises; helping to prevent damage to our sensitive electronic gears.

Another unsung hero is rack PDUs (power distribution unit). They can be as simple as a basic power strip with no intelligence or as advanced as an outlet-level PDU that can remotely monitor, control, and report on the status of every outlet.

In Reach Technology, we design well redundant power systems based on global standards and highly reliable circuits referring to the best market practice.


REACH’s solution in Data Center Power includes

>Rackmount Type UPS
>Modular Type UPS
>External Battery Type UPS
>Battery Monitoring and Maintenance
>Power Distribution System with metering
>Intelligent PDU System
>Power failover solution (ATS and STS)
>Transformer System
>Dummy load testing solution

Reach Technology offers a variety of racks that can fit your data center needs after understanding or deciding server rack cooling strategy, type of equipment to be accommodated in the rack, sizing of the rack and security strategy.

How appropriate the rack you choose, how proper the rack is placed and orientated has a significant impact on a data center’s ability to become an energy efficient enterprise.

Raised floor system is an elevated structural floor above the concrete floor, create a hidden void for the passage used to control airflow distribution in data centers and running cables.

Raised Floor & Racks
Fire Extinguishing System

Fire extinguishing system for data center is definitely a lot more than a few sprinkler heads plus fire alarms. It is all about the precise calculation of a room volume, the right selection of detection sensors, the fire extinguishing agent chosen, the gaseous nozzles coverage and so on.

A fire in your data center can bring your business data to zero; that is why you should think twice to make sure your fire extinguishants are electrically non-conductive, noncorrosive, producing non-toxic or no residue, and safe to human and environment.


REACH’s solution in Fire Extinguishing includes
>FM200 System
>Novec 1230 System
>Portable Clean Agent for Closet room (e.g Fireboy System)
>Aspirating smoke detection (VESDA System)

Environmental monitoring devices

Environmental monitoring devices are essential to data centers of all size. A well designed, fully automated and real-time monitoring solution significantly reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing IT assets and the environmental conditions that surround them. It provide proactive warning of impending disaster that threatens availability and up-time of your data center and business.

Our solutions can be used standalone or integrated into your existing infrastructure, from Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or Building Management Systems (BMS) software, Asset Management and other platforms.

Talking about remote access, IP-KVM is a perfect partner in managing tones of server devices, provide operational flexibility without cable distance limitations , the person is not in the room but can still access remote server. Our well tested products allows you quickly grasp the current product trend.


REACH provides
>Environmental Monitoring System (e.g Sensaphone, Picobox, etc)
>Server and Network Monitoring and Access (e.g IP-KVM, Monitoring Control or Gateway, etc)

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