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04. Audiovisual and Conference Room 

Heaps of office relocation, data center consolidation, business unit migration happen every week. No matter involving a single server, to an entire data centre/ Office relocation, Reach Technology offers cost-effective technical moves for all types of scale and industries.

When you employ Reach, you have the peace of mind that, from de-rack to re-rack, de-commission to re-commission, our forward planning, technical professionals ensure your equipment and asset will be delivered safely, on schedule, fully functional and within budget.


REACH’s service in relocation and migration includes

+Before it happens

> Site visit and examine existing asset

> Confirm new site layout

> Examine relocation route

> Relocation Schedule and Migratin Plan

> Labelling and protection

>  de-rack and de-commission

+ During/after relocation

> Trace and Port Map

> Re-rack and re-commission

> Insurance coverage

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